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  1. Tax Issues of Divorce - (UB57Y-T-00050-15-I)
    Tax professionals should begin working with their clients long before the final decree is signed.  This course will cover the tax aspects of property settlements; alimony, dependents; basis and potential taxable gains;  QDRO's; dividing IRA's, and related issues such as a taxpayer taking "substantially equal payments" when the account is being divided. 4 hours tax CPE
  2. Qualifying Child - (UB57Y-T-00051-15-I)
    This is an area of taxation that most practitioners feel is basic and there is nothing new to learn.  Or is there?  This course will cover areas such as  head of household, child tax credit, dependent care credit, earned income credit, qualifying widow and medical expenses. 2 hours tax CPE
  3. Client Data Security - (UB57Y-E-00053-15-I)
    Under the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act, income tax preparers have the same security obligations as financial institutions.  Circular 230 also imposes client data security requirements.  Tax professionals store confidential data on paper and electronically, in our offices, on local networks and "in the cloud".  This very informative session will cover what information is considered confidential and how to keep it that way.  2 hours Ethics CPE
  4. Foreign Bank Accounts & Assets - (UB57Y-T-00045-15-I)
    This class will alert you to new IRS enforcement efforts and the compliance requirements for foreign accounts.  Since this aggressive campaign, taxpayers and foreign institutions have been prosecuted.  Even those avoiding prosecution can face penalties exceeding the value of their foreign assets.  This session will also include: the best ways to assist noncompliant taxpayers based on individual circumstances; filing requirements for reporting offshore income, assets, bank accounts and trusts; foreign corporations and partnerships.  Appropriate methods for correcting prior failures to file required returns will also be covered. 2 hours tax CPE
  5. Fraudulent Conveyances, Alter Egos, Nominees & IRS Litigation Actions  (UB57Y-T-00047-15-I)
    The IRS has become much more aggressive in seeking to collect from third parties who may own property on behalf of a taxpayer or who have had property conveyed to them by a delinquent taxpayer.  The IRS is aggressively asserting fraudulent conveyance actions against those who have acquired property from a taxpayer for a bargain price.  It also is foreclosing on properties where it believes that property is being held for the benefit of a taxpayer.  This class will discuss the litigation remedies available to the IRS when it believes that games are being played with respect to the ownership of property.  It will also discuss other types of actions available to the IRS to enforce federal lien rights. 2 hours tax CPE
  6. Non-Filer Representation (UB57Y-T-00048-15-I)
    This presentation will cover the best methods to represent non-filing clients.  Some of the discussion topics will be:  IRS investigation techniques; IRC Section 6020(B) returns and substitutes for returns (SFR's); who might be prosecuted for non-filing and when; IRS priorities; IRS notice procedure; Campus procedures for ASFR's; number of years to file; and case resolution techniques. 2 hours tax CPE
  7. Who Really Is The Innocent Spouse? (UB57Y-T-00049-15-I)
    Changes in IRS rules allow more taxpayers to receive relief from joint tax obligations.  This session will provide an in-depth understanding of the innocent spouse program.  It will include an understanding of who is entitled to innocent spouse relief, how to file and when to file.  Areas also covered will be:  the essential procedures and preparation of forms; understanding the appeals options; the latest rules for IRS 6015(f) equitable relief and retroactive remedies available; and IRS collection related remedies.  2 hours tax CPE

C Dale Boushley, EA, CFP

Dale is known as one of the most innovative speakers on the circuit.  His notoriety comes from taking attendees out of the box into new and thought-provoking directions with topics often considered mundane.   It has been said that there are no bad topics when Dale speaks. Acclaims come from NAEA where he has been a "tax track" speaker for several years, California's Super Seminar  along with numerous NAEA state affiliates and other professional tax and financial organizations.  Dale has owned Financial Resource Management, Inc., a thriving tax and financial planning practice since 1978.

Robert E McKenzie, ESQ, EA

Robert E McKenzieMost practitioners need no introduction to Bob McKenzie.  He is a dynamic and nationally recognized attorney, author and tax educator.  As a partner in the multi-state law firm, Arnstein & Lehr, LLP, he specializes in representation before the Internal Revenue Service and state tax agencies.  Regular media appearances include Dateline NBC and ABC Nightly News.  Bob was dean of the prestigious National Tax Practice Institute from 1998 until 2002.  He authoredRepresentation Before the Collection Division of the IRS, co-authored Representing The Audited Taxpayer Before the IRS and Representation Before the United States Tax Court.  He has been honored by numerous professional organizations and is considered an expert in the field of tax law.


Thursday, June 18th - Dale Boushley, EA, CFP

Friday, June 19th - Robert E McKenzie, ESQ, EA

  1. 7:00 - 8:00
Registration & Breakfast Buffet
  1. 7:00 - 8:00
Registration & Breakfast Buffet                            
  1. 8:00 - 9:50    
Tax Issues of Divorce
  1. 8:00 - 9:50
Foreign Bank Accounts & Assets
  1. 10:10 - 11:40
Tax Issues of Divorce
  1. 10:10 - 11:40
Fraudolent Conveyances
  1. 11:40 - 12:50
  1. 11:40 - 12:50
  1. 12:50 - 2:30
Qualifying Child
  1. 12:50 - 2:30
Non-Filler Representation
  1. 2:50 - 4:30
Client Data Security (Ethics)
  1.  2:50 - 4:30

Who Is Really the Innocent Spouse

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ILSEA Annual Meeting & Installation of Officers

A Networking Mixer will immediately follow the state meeting. It provides a chance to relax, catch up with old friends and meet new ones.  Food will be served (cash bar).
Be sure to indicate on the registration form  whether or not you plan to attend the mixer.


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